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Yes Way to Rosé this Thanksgiving

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for everyone. Whether you’re trying to impress your family, new boyfriend or even your fabulous mother-in-law, planning the perfect Thanksgiving dinner can be daunting. While the food often requires teamwork and your turkey might be a touch dry, choosing the right wine is where you can personally stand out. Instead of opting for the traditional red or white wines that everyone serves, why not go for the unexpected rosé?  Dancing Mermaids Rosé pairs perfectly with traditional holiday dishes and will satisfy everyone’s palate with its tangy red berry flavors and stony fresh finish that carries no excess weight.  This year, make it a rosé holiday.

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Feels like a Rosé Holiday

As the holidays draw near, many of us are making plans to entertain family and friends. Why not elevate this year's festivities with Dancing Mermaids Rosé.  Our wine is unique in that it comes from the region of Bordeaux in France and pairs well with many holiday dishes including the traditional turkey. It's racy, precise and light on its feet with tangy red berry flavors and a suave oral overtone.  

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